Legend of Likwazu

(Likwazu pronunciation: Lick-wa-zoo)

The year was 2014, and a typical English family were enjoying a well earned summer holiday in the South-West region of Tenerife.

It was during this holiday when Likwazu first appeared.

Having spent the evening enjoying some of the local fayre, the family retired to their hotel room. They poured some drinks, stepped on to the balcony, and tested their competitive skills with a friendly game of Scrabble.

After ten minutes the 13 year old boy was building an impressive score, but it was his mother who was leading, with his father trailing in third place.

Whilst contemplating his next move, the boy's father glanced down, and he couldn't believe his eyes!

Initially he said nothing, but at the appropriate time, he took a deep breath and revealed the Likwazu. His wife and son were puzzled by what they saw, finding it difficult to comprehend.

Mount Teide, the island's volcano hadn't erupted since 1909, so surely it couldn't have anything to do with the appearance of the Likwazu, could it?

For fear of ridicule and an expected lack of understanding, the family decided to keep the discovery of the Likwazu a secret, and would only refer to it quietly and in private.

Although small, the Likwazu has the potential to become a monster, and while currently unknown, if nurtured correctly there could be a different kind of dragon in the den!!!

What does it all mean?

What will happen next?

Does anyone know?

Does anyone care?


All we know is, the story is not over yet!